Client testimonials

“Thank you, your drumming workshop left me feeilng very relaxed, this is a great opener for conferneces!”
– Business Networking group, Yeovil.

“Thank you for coming.  I wasn’t looking forward to this drumming workshop at all, but actually I quite enjoyed it!”
– participant from Active Living Langport.

“Thank you Sharon, this was a wonderful activity that everyone could join in with, we’ve never had that before, it was very inclusive” – Staff at Active Living Somerset

“This was better than I thought, it was fun, can we do it again?”
– from a pupil at PRU

  womens drumming workshop January 2009

“I’ve drummed all my frustrations away”

” I loved the drumming, it was exhilarating”
– from 2 participants at the Street Active Living group ( over 50’s) drum circle.

“drumming club has been the best club ever!” 
– Child  from Barwick and Stoford CP school “
“We had a fantastic day learning African Songs with Sharon during African Arts week” 
– St. Andrews School, Yetminster . July 2008

“I feel very relaxed and calm, like my chakras are all re-alingned, “
  womens drumming workshop.

“What a lot of fun, that sounded amazing”

“That was brilliant, people were connected to one another looking across the room and making music together”

“I’ve never heard of BOOMWHACKERS before, thank you so much it was incredible”
 – 3 of the 102 wedding guests after taking part in BOOMWHACKER session at wedding reception. Somerset

“I really enjoyed that, we made beautiful music together, and the best thing is anyone can do it, it was so easy, thank you”
-.After a BOOMWHACKER- Ice-Breaker session at  Womens Business Networking event, Wellington, Somerset, May 2008

“Drumming helps me forget my problems, I love it”

“The drumming was fantastic! I had a wonderful time being part of the circle!”

“I’ve always wanted to play drums, but didn’t think I had any rhythm. I enjoyed taking part and hitting the drum very loudly!”
–  Participants of recent drumming workshops