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We facilitate hands on experiential drumming, singing, story telling & boomwhacker workshops that engage learners of all ages.

Using authentic African djembe drums, our workshops encourage active listening, cooperation, teamwork, and social skills.

Book us for a drumming day or series of sessions which can link with the national curriculum including: African Arts, Africa Week, World Music, Black History Month and others.

Aside from learning opportunities the outcomes include: awareness of other cultures, increased confidence and self esteem, teamwork, leadership and performance opportunities.

We bring a drum for everyone for fully interactive, hands on, participatory drumming workshops. For one hour or a whole day and up to 60 learners at at time. (If you’d like us to accommodate a higher number of people please get in touch to discuss)

Fully trained enthusiastic facilitators
Public Liability to £10,000
DBS certificates

  • Enhance social skills

    Drumming in a group offers benefits including: Increased listening and cooperation, team work and leadership, connection and bonding, increased confidence, self esteem, focus and concentration.

  • Curriculum Links

    Aside from the obvious links to the music curriculum. Schools often book our drumming days to enhance learning about Africa, for Arts Week, Diversity Awareness and Black History month.

  • Celebration

    Drumming together is fun! Learners learn something new whilst enjoying themselves. Schools have used us for end of term fun workshops, for celebration and enrichment days as well as for team building/bonding at the beginning of the school year. Always fun and memorable, participants bond in laughter and joy- the perfect way to bring large groups together.

  • Therapeutic Benefits

    Inclusive and Accessible. Our drumming workshops are suitable for all abilities and for learners where English is not their first language. Stress release & relaxation.  Learners often report feeling calm after drumming thus reducing behaviour problems.

Educational Events

DrumBeat - A ten week drumming programme


A ten week programme designed to fit with school term.

Learn More


African Drumming

For one or two classes at a time culminating in an optional assembly performance.


Home Education

We bring drums to your group for workshops that may include a range of ages and abilities. One off or several sessions throughout the year.


When Sharon and Nicky came to drum with our co-op group, we were not sure how they would manage our mixed age range of toddlers to teens, but we needn’t have worried.

The session was a great mix of learning, teamwork, listening, music making and pure joy!
Even our quietest children could not help joining in.

Those who were unsure about the drums had a go with other percussion instruments, those who were worried about animal skins were offered an alternative, those who were shy had their confidence boosted, those exuberant ones had the chance to drum to their hearts content and we all finished the session with tired hands and beaming smiles on our faces.

The ladies took all our diversities in their stride and delivered a wonderful musical and rhythmic session.

We await their next visit with much excitement.

Here is what a few of the participants had to say:

I found it very entertaining and really enjoyed learning the African Songs – Alex age 14

Great fun – I can’t wait to do it again – James aged 12

It was very good and I would recommend it to anyone! George age 7

It was an uplifting and joyful experience, playing in time with so many others was such a rewarding experience – Me, Louise aged 40 something! – From Louise at Kingsbury Episcopi Home Ed group, May 2018